Bong Trees In Bellingham
Christopher Malone

Defense attorney's summation: "You have heard the testimony of the accused and the alleged victim, both of whom deny that any molestation took place. They both denied it six years ago, and they both deny it today. It simply did not happen. Miss Noll is not a twelve-year-old girl, she is an eighteen-year-old woman of intelligence, education and good memory. You have heard her testimony. And -- you have heard the admission of the Child Protective Services interviewer, Mrs. Nogales, that she falsified Miss Noll's statements in the interview; that she flat-out lied. You have heard the testimony of both Mr. Cross and Miss Noll, and backed by three expert witnesses from the U.S. Army's Special Forces - one in person, and two by deposition - that there is no basis whatever — and never was — for the charge of kidnapping". Ray paused for a sip of water. "You have also heard the suggestion by the Deputy Prosecutor, Mr. Perkins, that Miss Noll has been... 'intimidated by her assailant'. Those were his words." Now Ray walked over to Perkins and pointed. His voice swelled to a shout: "I suggest that that may be the most ridiculous, dishonest and... contemptible statement... ever made in this courtroom!" Now Ray walked over to approach the jury. He looked at each, in turn, in the eye. "Okay. I tend to shout a lot. That's how I am. And that's because lies and injustice -- the slander of good people — make me very...very angry. But you don't have to like my manners. Okay? I just ask that you listen to what I say. Because everything that I say to you comes from my head and from my heart. It comes from my dedication to truth -- this is a quality that my mother and my father taught me ...and that I have never forgotten. " Ray stopped for another sip of water. "Today, I ask that you find Mr. Cross not guilty of both of these outrageous charges that were brought against him. This good and courageous man, who doesn't have a spot of wrongdoing on his record in the thirty-two years of his life. Not a spot! And who was ready to lose his life on the side of an icy mountain -- to save the life of a lost, dying little girl whom he didn't even know. But then — what was his reward for his goodness? How was he recognized for his courage? His selflessness? I will tell you. He was deprived of his family — his wife and his home and his two boys, whom he loved and cherished...he lost his business, he lost all his savings -- he lost his good reputation. ..he lost his friends -- and ...he lost three years of his life ... his freedom, locked up with criminals. That is how he was rewarded for his courage, for his goodness! And all ...because of the lies of a State employee. And nothing else. And I also ask you... with your decision to exonerate this good man... to clear the honor of this pure and decent young lady, whose honesty was today impugned by liars... and whose virtue, at her age of twelve... twelve! was smeared by despicable, foul, dirty lies. There are parents among you, who love your daughters. I know. Think about that." There was a long pause, as Ray wiped his eyes, and sipped on some more water. "Today -- I ask that you do your duty as jurors, now that you have heard the evidence ... this time -- presented by honest and competent people, to do the right thing -- to wipe away the lies... and set these two good, clean, courageous, truthful... people Thank you."