Bong Trees In Bellingham
Christopher Malone

Bong Trees in Bellingham

Bong Trees in Bellingham
by Christopher Malone

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Missy's twelve-year life is about to end on the side of an icy mountain. Then Hamlin appears. Their meeting marks the beginning of a six-year adventure, as they battle in turn killing forces of nature and an appalling injustice, to rescue each other from their respective crises on the mountain and in the courtroom. The warm affection that begins at their first meeting later blossoms into a powerful and abiding love between a man and a woman. But there are obstacles on the way to the church. There is decisive and rewarding revenge, on the street and in the courtroom. There are public debates with sparkling wit and cutting invective, and delightful dining-table repartee and pillow talk as Missy and Hamlin compete with dramatic and colorful declarations of their love for each other.